ConnectedCare is a secure online collaborative platform for caretakers, family caregivers and professional home caregivers. It’s visual, powerful and easy-to-use.

Key benefits for caretakers and family caregivers:

  • Always up-to-date with actual needs
  • Improved collaboration with family caregivers
  • Flexible, on-demand professional support when needed
  • One-stop-shop for sensors, alarms and coordination
  • Peace-of-mind
  • Easy-to-use on PC and mobile devices

Key benefits for organizations:

  • Online portal for clients, family caregivers and professionals
  • Improved collaboration between professionals
  • Improved collaboration with family caregivers
  • Easy integration of third-party service (e.g. video conference, sensors&alarms, time sheets)
  • On-demand service model
  • Cost reductions

Fields of activity

ConnectedCare is a health innovation company. The ConnectedCare team combines expertise from industrial design, ICT, healthcare and business development. With the design background, ConnectedCare is able to develop new concepts that properly address the complexity of the health domain, and to create innovative solutions that people love to use.

Role within the project
  • WP1 is directed to the mapping of the user requirements and the underlying business processes. Connectedcare (CARES) is a partner in all tasks within this work package .
  • In WP2, the Fair Care concrete idea developed into a software concept. CARES is involved in all tasks.
  • WP3 focuses on the implementation of the concept. CARES has a leading role in the development of the front end, and contribute as a participant to the other tasks.
  • WP4 concerns the preparation and execution of the field test. CARES has an active role in the preparation, execution and analysis of field tests
  • WP5 concerns business development and operations. CARES is involved in setting the strategy, monitoring progress, the standardization of the solution, and the development of the business model.
  • WP6 includes the management tasks; CARES contributes to the required reporting and co-ordination.
Reference projects

ConnectedCare is an experienced partner in European R&D projects. ConnectedCare currently participates in AAL-4, AAL-5, AAL-6 and AAL-7. The team of researchers is always looking for new challenges in R&D in the domain of group collaboration and care.


Office Location:

ConnectedCare Services BV

Hogestraat 54

6953 AW Dieren


Contact persons:

Martijn Vastenburg | Geschäftsführer


Drs. Dick-Jan Zijda | Berater FairCare

+31 6 1936 3342


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