SIS Consulting

SIS Consulting GmbH was founded in 2013 and is an independent and neutral consultancy for process management, enterprise systems and franchising. SIS Consulting is located in Innsbruck, Tyrol and cooperates with a strong network of business partners from the whole German-speaking region.

SIS Consulting is specified on established, analytical, and methodical approaches that aim at strengthening the customers’ innovative edge.
This is especially important as a dynamic economic environment requires to stay ahead of current market trends and to face business challenges as well as dealing with new and innovative solutions: Research and innovation are essential tools for new approaches to economic and societal challenges. SIS Consulting thus aims to develop and illustrate innovation strategies and systems while also participating in research projects that are close to the market and that offer new prospects for both, businesses and society.

The close cooperation with universities and research centers makes it possible to align SIS consulting services with current research results and market trends. This guarantees up-to-date solutions and most innovative consulting approaches for business and research partners.

Fields of Activity
  • Process Management: Analysis of business processes and requirements analysis as well as the development and implementation of individual process management concepts. Identifying potential for innovation and embedding this potential in the customers’ business strategy, operations and business processes.
  • Enterprise Systems: Consulting services such as selecting and launching Enterprise Systems as well as providing additional IT consulting, preliminary studies and implementation support.
  • Franchising Consulting Services: Consulting on the organisation, extension and development as well as re-design of hybrid network structures.
  • Research and Innovation activity: Creating studies and market analyses, writing whitepapers and articles for business journals as well as publishing some of the results and analyses in the ERP Booklet on a yearly basis. Participating in research projects and giving lectures at commercial colleges and universities.
Role within the project

SIS Consulting is the work package leader for the work packages 1 and 5 and is mainly responsible for the following tasks:

  • User-centric requirments and process analysis of (potential) FairCare users
  • FairCare Business Model and Social Franchising concept
  • Dissemination of FairCare results


Maria-Theresien-Straße 1

6020 Innsbruck



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(Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft)