FairCare in a nutshell

FairCare aims for high living standards for elderly people.

The web-based platform improves the communication between professional carers, everyday services, volunteers, elderly people and their families. Because of  improved communication elderly people can stay longer in their own homes and therefore relatives and care organizations are released.

Through requirement analysis of these persons, individual offers can be created. Care facilities can publish vacant places, service providers and volunteers can offer their services. With that individual needs can be met and tailored offers be designed. Life quality of elderly persons at home, in care facilities and alternative dwelling forms are improved. Also the active part in day to day life is encouraged.

The entire concept of the FairCare platform is based on a social franchise system.

This consists of different roles and includes, among other things, a master franchisee, franchisee and user. Each party benefits from the FairCare platform in its own way.