Questions of older adults

How do elderly people benefit from using the FairCare platform?

On the FairCare platform, elderly people can receive support, assistance and other services. For example, if they have problems with daily activities like shopping, a volunteer can be arranged through the platform. If you need a hairdresser, a cleaner, a therapist or a pedicurer, etc., you will find an overview on the FairCare platform of all regional FairCare service providers and their services. The elderly can specify their individual needs and they will receive individual offers of appropriate service providers on the FairCare platform. If older people do not exactly know what kind of service they need, the platform is also very beneficial because they can simply enter their current situation and the platform will propose appropriate services to the respective situation.

The FairCare platform facilitates the organization and coordination of services that elderly people need. These advantages, on the one hand, concern the elderly themselves, but also their relatives and friends are relieved.

How can older people use the FairCare platform? Do they have to register?

To indicate and specify individual needs, elderly people must be registered on the FairCare platform. Only as registered member agreements with service providers will show up. A restricted access on the platform to the results of the general information search is also without a registration possible. The service providers themselves also need their own account in order to get in contact with the other users who need their help.

Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker to make appointments and information gathering by phone than through the FairCare platform?

FairCare provides an overview of all service providers, both care providers and other service providers. Thus the older adults and also the relatives and friends can see all possible providers, which can perform their desired services, on one platform. The suppliers can then make various and, above all, individual offers for them after the needs have been registered in detail. The announcement of their needs is done quickly and afterwards they only have to wait for the offers of the service providers. The so called ‘FairCare coordinator‘ can also help with the announcement. This person will be fast in announcing their needs. After the older adults have received the offers from the service providers, they can contact their desired service provider by e-mail or telephone and accept the offer. The difference to a telephone inquiry is that the FairCare platform does not require a lot of effort in the search for the desired service provider since all service providers are listed or appear automatically according to the announcement of their needs.

Do older adults need specific IT skills to use the FairCare platform?

Older adults do only need a basic knowledge about computers and a low ability because only a few clicks are necessary. In the development of the FairCare platform, the requirements of older adults were specifically taken into account, which also gives a certain user-friendliness. If, however, they are not able to use the computer or FairCare platform themselves, they must call the ‘FairCare coordinator‘ and he / she will accept the request for the elderly people.

Relatives, support staff or friends of the elderly can also help with the older person’s account.

Is there support on the FairCare platform if elderly people are unaware or have problems during use?

Yes of course. For elderly people, their relatives and friends, the so-called ‘FairCare coordinator‘ is always available. This coordinator can help with the entire process on the FairCare platform, from the account creation to the need registration to the offer. In addition, the FairCare platform provides video tutorials for the right use of the platform. It is also possible to chat or make calls via the helpdesk of the FairCare platform. You do not need to be registered to use that helpdesk.

How can older adults receive the offers of the service providers?

They will send their offers to the older adults either via the platform or via e-mail or via post. It is possible that their ‘FairCare coordinator‘ can handle this for them. That means that the ‘FairCare coordinator‘ contacts them when they receive offers of Service providers.

What is the additional added value in comparison to Google?

All information about different service providers is collected on the FairCare platform. Thus, the older adults do not have to start a complicate search on Google for different service providers. In addition, the system immediately searches for a match with a service provider for an individual request or announcement. The system then lists all matching service providers who are represented on the platform. The older adults can then choose from the proposed service providers from which he wishes to receive an offer. By sending the offers from the various service providers to the older adults, their relatives or friends, they can compare the offers and choose the best. Probably the most important difference is that FairCare can guarantee a certain quality, which is not possible through a search engine such as Google. Another benefit is the ‘FairCare coordinator‘, which helps older people and supports them.