Questions of relatives and friends

Why should a family member use the platform? (What benefit do they have?)

FairCare is a support and above all a relief for relatives and friends of older adults. If relatives help their parents etc. now or in the future or support them, they can use the FairCare platform, which relieves them. Time-consuming internet research is not any more necessary. Instead, they can simply use the FairCare platform and browse through different service providers and related services. If a suitable supplier has been found this can be suggested to the elderly (parents, etc.) via the FairCare platform. FairCare can also guarantee a certain quality standard. The platform ensures an easy and fast organization and coordination of services with the best quality for older adults.

Why do relatives and friends have to register themselves on FairCare?

It is possible to help and support the relatives (for example father, mother, etc.) with their own account. It is possible to search for services for their relatives and share them with them so that the elderly person can request the service. Relatives and friends can also have an overview of the need registrations of the older persons, if they allow that. It is better to have an own account, because the older relatives may also want to have their privacy and want to carry out private needs registrations.

Can relatives and friends make need registrations for their parents?

No, but they can search for services and share these with the recipient of the service (e.g parents).

Can relatives and friends delete or cancel need registrations of their relatives?

Only the person who made the request can delete it.