General questions

What is FairCare?

FairCare consists of the FairCare platform and the FairCare social franchise concept. Both were developed in an international research project. The project includes the countries Austria as the project leader (UIBK, Red Cross, SIS Consulting), Netherlands (ConnectedCare), Switzerland (HTW Chur, ZHAW), Hungary (PBN) and Italy (EURAC research, ASP Servizi).

The objective of the project is to improve allocation and coordination of existing services and resources for older adults, their family members and friends. Services can be professional care services, care related services but also other services.

Briefly worded FairCare offers support, assistance and other services for seniors. Furthermore, it improves the service allocation.

FairCare is a network based solution for collaborative future care and aims to close the gap between increasing demand for care and available resources. The developed platform is necessary for the desired coordination and allocation of care and other services for older adults. Information about caregivers, care services providers (e.g. care organizations), other services providers (e.g. transport services, hairdresser, pedicure, gardener) and volunteers will be provided. The focus will be on the needs and demands of seniors. The platform will be used as a matchmaking-tool. It will match increasing demand for support and (care) services with available supplies from different organizations and facilities. Therefore, service providers who offer their services, seniors/older adults who request these services and volunteers who are also in the matchmaking process will be found on the platform. The requesters receive individual offers and information.

Furthermore, the project team develops an international social franchise concept. This means that there will be probably several platforms in a country.

Who is the target group?

The platform can be used by older adults, their family members and friends, volunteers, service providers (e.g. transport service, gardener, hairdresser), professional institutional caregivers (e.g. professional home care service provider, residential care institutions) and professional care service providers (e.g. therapists, pharmacists).

The older adults and their relatives and friends can announce their needs on the platform that will be matched with e.g. volunteers or the other institutions which are on the platform.

Service providers can be e.g. hairdressers, cleaning services or transport services. Professional institutional care givers are care homes and professional care service providers are therapists or pharmacists, etc.

As you can see on the platform are need announcers and suppliers.

For whom is the FairCare platform relevant?

The FairCare platform is useful for everyone and for all ages when it comes to care, care providers, volunteers or other service providers. The platform helps to find the desired service providers and also afterwards to receive offers of them. The FairCare platform is especially useful for older adults who need support in their everyday lives.

What are service providers?

Service providers are independent persons or organizations registered on the FairCare platform. They offer care services, nursing care services or other services which are useful to the elderly. Other services can be provided, for example, by hairdressers, gardeners, cleaning services or transport services. Care services can be provided by professional service providers, such as nursing homes, retirement homes, therapists or professional caregivers.

What are the benefits of the users from the FairCare platform?

The FairCare platform facilitates and accelerates the organization and coordination of services. The platform provides support, assistance and other services for elderly people. Other services may include, for example, transport or cleaning services or hairdressers. The FairCare platform tries to close the gap between the increased demand for care and the available resources for it. Through the matchmaking tool, the inquirers receive individual offers.

Furthermore, the platform is designed to relieve family members, friends and overcrowded care organizations by facilitating the allocation and coordination of existing (care) services and resources for the elderly people. It is also possible that the elderly persons, their relatives and friends only inform themselves about possible service providers on the FairCare platform. Comprehensive information on available services can be found there.

Is there support on the FairCare platform for the use?

For elderly people, their relatives and friends, the so-called ‘FairCare coordinator‘ is always available. This coordinator can help with the entire process on the FairCare platform, from the account creation to the need registration to the offer. In addition, the FairCare platform provides video tutorials for the right use of the platform. It is also possible to chat or make calls via the helpdesk of the FairCare platform. You do not need to be registered to use that helpdesk.

Which service providers will be on the platform?

This depends on who is interested on being on the platform. This will differ in every country and region/platform. But normally on every platform will be care service providers and other service providers (e.g. hairdressers, cleaning service, transport service). The care service providers can be professional institutional caregivers, like residential care institutions, or also professional care service providers, e.g. therapists and pharmacists.

Volunteers are also represented on the FairCare platform, which can take on small tasks for older people. For example, they can go shopping for or with them, play cards with them, or just take a walk.

How are the volunteers included on the FairCare platform?

The volunteers can serve small tasks to satisfy the everyday needs of elderly people. For example, they can go shopping for, or with an elderly person, play cards or take a walk. However, you are not allowed to carry out maintenance services. Volunteers must be part of a franchisee’s or another service provider’s volunteer network, otherwise they cannot offer and perform their help through the FairCare platform.

Is the platform also useful for emergencies?

No, the platform will manage the needs as quick as possible but for emergencies it would last too long.